Before your patient checks out you need to check in to the right Retail POS that can elevate your customer relationship. Having the ability to allow patients to access, order and checkout products that you provide is a crucial step in adding to the patient experience and develop a positive customer relationship. In this article we will dive into some ways that a Rehab Retail POS Software can develop ways to higher your sales, reviews and patient experience. 3 Ways to Improve Your Customer Relationship with a Rehab Retail POS Software Solution

Incorporate an easy checkout process for rehab patients 

Having the right products to offer is just half the battle when it comes to selling retail rehabilitation products to your therapy patients. You need the right checkout process in place that makes transactions smooth and effortless. By offering your products at your clinic or online, you’re improving the relationship with each patient, but it shouldn’t stop there. Using a solution like Curative’s checkout management helps patients checkout fast and easy with the right payment options and checkout processes that simply let them select and pay for the recommended product you offered to complete a transaction without frustration. In addition, allowing the options to pay with cash, credit card, check or gift card allow for the right methods needed that cover any preferences which makes it convenient which adds to more positive patient experience.  

Building a better customer relationship with added value 

The more value that you can add to a customer, the better you can make the experience and improve your relationship with them. Having the option to create custom promotions on your product is a great way to nurture and improve an experience. Providing gift cards and promotions that could be used during their checkout is a nice way to reward a customer and provide them an exclusive offer that thanks them for using your therapy services. For example, offering customers a 15% off code at checkout can help provide a unique offering that they can only access with your clinic. When a customer is rewarded and provided added value for using your therapy services, it will make them more inclined to purchase your products. Having access to special promotions for being a customer keeps them dedicated to your offerings. So, instead of just profiting off of your appointments, you will be able to have the ability to maximize sales efforts with product sales to go along with therapy sessions. A perfect way to offer this solution is with Curative’s Retail POS system that allows you to easily offer gift cards and promotional codes that can keep customer relationships running strong and increasing satisfaction.  

Offer rehabilitation products that are actually in stock  

A product recommendation can only go as far as the availability to access and purchase it. If inventory levels are off and availability to the recommended products are long and slow to restock, it can lead to a negative customer experience. Having the option to view inventory levels and know where your products are at all times lets you not only offer the right product but the ability to access it as soon as possible. Your patients don’t need the hassle of purchasing a product that has shipping delays or is unavailable to purchase. Having access to view inventory levels while you recommend the products is crucial in adding to the customer relationship. This will allow you to identify the right product solutions that can be purchased. If a product is out of stock, having a view of similar product options that are in stock will add value to the patient experience giving them the access to products they need. Avoiding issues at checkout will easily be removed and the patient will be able to smoothly move forward with their purchase and have a chance to use your recommended products in a timely manner.  

See how Curative can enhance your customer relationship and take their patient experience to the next level. Let our knowledgeable team help provide the revolutionary rehab management software solution you need with custom solutions that include EMR integration, inventory management, retail POS and reports / analytics. Simply integrate your EMR / EHR system with the right Retail POS System that is built around your rehab therapy practice without disruption. Visit our website or request a demo to learn more.