You need the right features when it comes to your rehab management software system. In order to maximize retail medical product sales and run an efficient business, it’s important to access the features that matter most. Here are some POS features that should be considered before making decision on which point of sale system and inventory control software is intended for your rehab therapy industry needs.  5 POS Features to Look for in a Rehab Management Software System

1. Easy physical therapy product lookup feature  

Finding and locating the right physical therapy products to recommend should be easy and fast. Having the ability to access a POS that lets you quickly search or look up products when ringing up medical rehab management retail sales is essential. Be sure to go with a POS that integrates with your electronic medical record software and lets you quickly search or lookup products when ringing up sales. Ideally, this product search feature needs to offer easy to view recommendations that are associated with your patients’ needs and treatments. A solution like Curative’s retail POS allows you to simply view and manage recommend products to customers and keep your stock levels updated at the same time without the need to jump from one location or system to the next.  

2. Mobile app access and technology  

It’s the digital era and at this point you need a mobile app solution that quickly adds, receives, and audits inventory into the system using powerful scanning and text recognition technology. Using a solution like the Curative mobile app allows you to run your software on a mobile device giving you the flexibility and technology needed to run your business more efficiently. With this ability you’ll have the option to not be locked into your desk when it comes to your inventory control and POS management.  

3. Stock and auto-filled orders 

Your inventory management system should also make it simple to order more stock with the way that you manage patient product recommendations. You should be able to create the stock order in your system and then send it out to your suppliers without manual roadblocks 

You can save a lot of time with the ability to automate the process and generate orders that integrate from your recommendations and patient purchases. Having a solution like Curative’s inventory management can provide you with the features needed to streamline your physical therapy product inventory levels with the ability to auto fill and manage inventory levels without disruptions and inventory miscommunications.  

4. The ability to identify, allocate and stock transfers  

If your business has more than one physical location, the ability to transfer stock is essential. The option to view stocks in each location allows you to transfer medical products in each location which gives inventory the balance it needs to run efficiently in each location. With Curative’s inventory management solution you’ll be able to balance between multiple locations and move excess inventory from one store to another keeping inventory at balanced levels at all times 

5. Dashboard features that help you make sound decisions  

An analytical dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of how your store is doing. It’s a great feature to have because it gives you an immediate view of your business’ performance without having to dig or hunt for the info. With a solution like Curative’s reports and analytics dashboard you’ll have the option to make the sound decisions you need to elevate your physical therapy product offerings with a view and access to data that matters most.  

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