Avoiding Inventory Challenges with a Mobile Rehab Inventory Control Implementation

By July 10, 2020 Blog

Are you maximizing the way that you manage inventory control? You could be missing out on opportunities that make navigation and managing inventory levels simple. The way that you manage inventory may be outdated and slow without the ability to manage at your fingertips with a rehab inventory mobile solution that can integrate and elevate how you manage inventory. In this article we will dive into how a mobile inventory solution can take your rehab inventory control efforts and productivity to the next level.  Avoiding Inventory Challenges with a Mobile Rehab Inventory Control Implementation

Discover a Mobile Rehab Inventory Control Solution at Your Fingertips  

Does your rehab retail POS system struggle to load products and manage inventory levels? Adding new products can be very time consuming and frustrating and lead to inventory mistakes and confusion. Implementing a mobile inventory app that allows you to easily add, receive and audit inventory with the use of scanning and text technology will allow you to better manage inventory at your fingertips. Instead of having to go back to your desk and add a product, you can have the ability to add a product from anywhere. A solution like Curative’s Rehab Inventory Management App allows you to automatically identify text by simply scanning the products barcode and generate a new product in your inventory system. This lets you easily add the products name or description without having to manually add it. The Curative app will generate this data automatically allowing you to edit and save without the need to create a product from scratch.  

Easily Manage and Control Inventory with Mobile Technology  

Once the product is generated and added to your inventory, you can easily assign details that include manufacturer, suppliers, product categories and set reorder points. In addition, having the opportunity to adjust inventory levels on the fly wherever you are without the need to enter information at your desk lets you manage inventory faster and avoids the need to write inventory levels down and transfer them over to your desktop. Simply scan the products barcode label with your mobile device and make the adjustments that you need at the convenience of your fingertips. This provides a better way to manage inventory levels more efficiently with a faster approach that will not bog down your day. In addition, having mobile integration that communicates in real time and adjusts as purchases and orders are made avoids possible errors or mistakes that can affect inventory levels. Your inventory recording might not match up with the real time activity without a mobile solution that updates instantly. For example, recording a products inventory in the morning and processing the information in the evening can lead to an inventory quantity mistake that miscommunicates. Since over that time period new purchases and orders could have been made that lead to inventory changes that you are unaware of. With the ability to make instant changes with a mobile inventory app you’re avoiding a possible inventory miscommunication that could lead to unbalanced inventory levels.  

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