Checkout Management that saves you time, money and effort.

See how our checkout management works with inventory management.

Fast Checkouts

Curative makes your business’ checkout simple and intuitive with simple multi-box choices of:

  • Product type
  • Body Part
  • Body Diagram
  • Bundles

Enhance the checkout experience with customer relationships. Create a unique profile for each customer for quick and personalized checkouts with subsequent visits.

Payment Options

Curative accepts major forms of payment including cash, credit card, check, and gift cards. During checkout, you can apply discounts to any order by percentage or dollar value and you can hold orders for a later time at the convenience of your customer.

We can process all payment types directly within the system resulting in an enhanced payment experience.

Checkout Views

Curative offers several different ways that you can recommend products to customers and keep your stock levels updated.

Body Diagram

Under the body diagram option, an image of a human body is displayed highlighting body regions, displaying products linked to it, where you can then add it to the customer’s cart.

UPC Barcode

The UPC barcode is a simple way to identify and recommend products. Using the handheld barcode reader along with the body diagram will create a swift process for physical therapists and employees when recommending products to customers.

Every Product. Every Store.

We want to make sure that stock levels for products aren’t an issue during checkout. We display which products are available in-store, online, or both. You will also be able to check product stock levels at other stores giving the customers multiple to purchase form.