Inventory Control
at your Fingertips

What is the Curative App?

The Curative app is a mobile application for both Android and iOS that quickly adds, receives, and audits inventory into the system using powerful scanning and text recognition technology.

How does it work?

Simply snap a picture of a product’s label and the Curative app will automatically identify text such as the product’s name or description. Tag each information to the correct category and your product is successfully added.

How does it control inventory?

Each product can be assigned a manufacturer, suppliers, product categories, product variations and set reorder points to help organize and notify you when it’s time to restock.

Updating and adjusting your inventory is just as easy – just enter a location and the quantity received or updated to.

How does it track inventory?

The built-in barcode scanner registers UPC information, allowing you to easily search and track products throughout the Curative platform.

If a product is sold individually or doesn’t have a UPC code then you can even generate custom barcode labels.

Quality Design

The Curative app was designed to make navigation simple and managing your inventory seamless. With appealing visuals, menus, and features, the app offers a great way to eliminate inventory challenges without the added learning curve.

High Performance

Manage your inventory within seconds using the Curative App. Skip the process of getting on a computer and instead use your phone to get work done. Our team at Curative designed this app to get the job done quick.