Growing your revenue and getting new patients can be costly and challenging. However, there are ways to create profitable opportunities with current physical therapy patients that go beyond your treatments. Having the ability to offer and sell rehab therapy products that help treat patients after their therapy session will allow you to maximize and create new revenue without the need to access new patients. In this article we’ll show you how to get the most out of your current clientele and turn missed opportunities into profit building successes with the right strategy.  Physical Therapy Recommendations

Enhancing the patient experience with rehab product recommendations and availability  

Providing the right physical therapy treatments plays a huge part in enhancing the patient experience, but how can it be improved and taken to the next level? When you have the ability to expand your expertise and recommend the right rehab products that they can use at home to continue their therapy it will add a new level of value that will enhance the patient experience. Better patient experiences lead to more therapy sessions and purchases from your recommendations which can maximize the profitability with current clientele. Having the right rehab therapy products available without the need to shop around and search elsewhere will only make your physical therapy patients more satisfied leading to more business from treatments and retail sales.  

Avoiding potential sales opportunities from walking out the door  

Are you allowing sales opportunities with current patients to walk out the door after your treatments? Getting the most out of each patient and improving your average dollar sale (ADS) is key when it comes to maximizing sales, but if you don’t have the right inventory of rehab products available it can lead to a loss of a potential sale that would have added to your profitability with a current customer. That’s why it’s important to not only be able to have the right EMR integration but also have the right inventory management solution in place. Your recommendations can only go so far and hurt you in the long run when rehab products are not available to purchase on-site during the time of your recommendation. With Curative’s inventory management solution, you’ll have the ability to manage each location and its inventory levels at your fingertips. With the power of Curative you can simply track inventory status details such as available quantity, reorder level points, and replenishment quantities with ease giving you the vital insight into your inventory. This lets you make the sale instantly and send your patient on their way with the right rehab medical products needed to continue their care outside of your physical therapy sessions.  

Need to know more when it comes to maximizing sales with current physical therapy patients? Curative can help with our expert knowledge that can provide the solutions you need to become more profitable and efficient with our revolutionary rehab management software to go along with your Physical Therapy EMR. Visit our website or request a demo to find out how our EMR Integration, Inventory Management, Retail POS and Reports / Analytics solutions can take your business to the next level.