Making the right choice on which rehab management software is right for your business can be challenging. That’s why you need to get all the right information needed to make sure that you’re getting a software solution that is built around your business and demands. In this article we’ll explore how Curative stacks up and compares to other rehab management software. Get the latest info that you need and explore the difference with our latest solutions that other software providers may be missing out on.  Rehab Management Software

Ease of Use 

Curative prides itself on having an intuitive interface and game changing features that can be learned and implemented quickly. To help with this, Curative will provide the right support that is prompt to answer questions and avoid disruption as needed. Our knowledgeable team is the best in the business, delighting customers with their in-depth knowledge of the software. You’ll have the ability to access the knowledge you need while we help you get up and running with our software and integration fast and efficiently 

Product Management 

Manage your product inventory like never before. Access detailed information on products in your inventory, including their warehouse locations, quantities, primary vendors, and sales over a specified time period. This will allow you to plan ahead to maintain the right number of rehab products in stock, avoid over ordering, and selling them before they become obsolete or expired.  

Order Management 

Are you maximizing the way that you manage each rehab therapy order? With Curative, you can set up automatic reorder points on each product that you offer to automatically create purchase orders with the appropriate vendors and quantities to replenish your stock when it gets low. This allows you to quickly convert sales quotes into sales orders and update the status of orders by marking them as they go through your ordering process.  

Warehouse Management 

Easily track the inventory of your products within each warehouse by separating them into zones and having the ability to monitor where each item should be stored by aisle, shelf, and barcode number.  

Reporting and Business Intelligence 

Curative offers in-depth reports and important business intelligence tools to help customers analyze trends in sales, patient buying habits, and changes in demand at each location. You’ll have the option to create custom reports that will help you make better decisions and make the right recommendations that are needed to meet customer demands while elevating the patient experience without frustrating purchasing challenges that could lead to order delays or loss in sales.  

Need to know more about how Curative stacks up to other Point of Sale and Inventory Control SoftwareExplore our revolutionary rehab management software built around your EMR / EHR. See how Curative can help and visit our website or request a demo to find out more about our EMR Integration, Inventory Management, Retail POS and Reports / Analytics solutions.