Having the right analytics at the palm of your hands is essential to make decisions and identify positive and negative trends. How are you able to track expenses in each location when you can’t view it in one place and compare with a clean designed viewTo truly get a gauge on your business, the right reports and analytic solution needs to be in place and provide you the ability to view data easily. Here are some ways that you can manage data with the right rehab management software that can identify and track performance the way that you need to grow your business. 

Rehab Management Software AnalyticsAccess All the Data You Need in One Place  

All the right analytics in place is only half the battle when it comes to identifying and tracking the way that your business performs. Having access and the ability to view data in one place at one time lets you compare and audit key information in each location and make better decisions. When you don’t have to separately monitor and compare inventory levels in each location, it creates a seamless effort that communicates everything you need in one view without the hassle of jumping from one tab to another by location. With a seamless integration that Curative can offer it will let you see key analytics in one clean dashboard without the aggravation of data in separate places.  

Managing and Tracking Inventory Levels  

Do you know what your inventory levels are and which locations they are in? Avoiding unbalanced inventory levels is key when it comes to accessing the right data and analytics to make efficient inventory decisions. Curative’s inventory management system integrates seamlessly with your reports and analytics that lets you manage and track which locations have high amounts of product inventory and which locations have low inventory levels. With access to view on one dashboard you can simply move inventory from one location to another avoiding unneeded replenishing with new inventory orders.  

Identify Where Your Sales Are Coming From  

Is one of your locations struggling with sales compared to others? It could be because it’s not getting enough attention and training to utilize your rehab product recommendations. But, how can you know where you need to focus attention on? When you have the ability to track and identify sales information and compare it with other locations, you can easily see which locations that you need to invest more time on. For example, one of your locations may not be recommending rehabilitation products properly and communicating it with patients. When you can pinpoint and identify a struggling trend like this, it can help you focus on that location and button up processes and the training needed to increase sales and effectively communicate product recommendations to turn a negative trend into a positive one.  

Are you looking to identify and track performance better when it comes to the use of your rehab management software? Challenge accepted! Let our knowledgeable team help provide the revolutionary rehab management software solution that you need with custom solutions that include EMR integration, inventory management, retail POS and reports / analytics. See how you can integrate your EMR / EHR system with our Retail POS System that can elevate your rehab therapy practice. Visit our website or request a demo to learn more.