How does your patient retention stack up? Many physical therapists and practice owners are facing issues when it comes to patient retention and keeping patient relationships running strong throughout their physical therapy treatment. You could be losing patients and retention with wrong product and inconvenient therapy product recommendations. 

It costs five times more to attract new patientsso it’s important to provide the best experience possible when it comes to your current patients. The probability of selling goods and services to an existing customer is about 60 to 70% more likely than a new customer. By having the ability to recommend the right products it allows you to extend the patient experience and therapy treatments keeping the relationship running strong and avoiding drop-outs and loss of patients all together 

Your expertise is key when it comes to therapy product recommendations. No patient wants to go on a wild goose chase searching for products to help them continue their treatments outside of your physical therapy session. They want the right recommendation on the spot with the ability to purchase, access and move forward without any disruption that could delay or even affect their treatments. With a powerful rehab management solution like CPhysical Therapy Patient Retentionurative, your therapy practice will have the ability to easily access the right therapy products to recommend without having to go out of the way to make a recommendation. With our EMR and EHR integration capabilities and custom algorithms, you’ll have the ability to identify the right recommendations by product type, body part, and body diagram allowing you access to the therapy products that matter most to your patients are their care needs.  

Make sure your patients can maximize full use of product recommendation  

Avoid selling physical therapy products that your patients don’t need. The last thing a patient needs is to purchase a product that does not fully provide potential and the ability to maximize use. When a patient gets the right product recommendation that they can fully use and provides the post-treatment they need, it allows you to provide a better experience that continues the success with their treatment. If you’re recommending a product that they can use but really doesn’t help, it will hurt your reputation. By giving them feedback on the product and showing them how they can fully utilize, it will help make sure that they are purchasing a product that they will fully utilize.  

Display the physical therapy products that you recommend  

Do you display and let patients try your product recommendations on site? Look to keep products out just like a retail store, so patients can touch and feel the products before they move forward with a purchase. This way they can verify that the product is the right fit and that they made the right choice based on your recommendation. If a patient purchases a product and does not like the quality or experience that it provides it can reflect on you and your reputation. Unfortunately, this can hurt patient retention and lead to loss of possible session dropouts since a patient may not have a product that keeps their therapy outside of your treatments running strong. By having the product onsite and available to evaluate, you are adding value to each recommendation that increases the odds of the perfect solution to meet their needs.  

Improve patient retention and more with the right revolutionary rehab management software built around your EMR / EHR. See how Curative can help and visit our website or request a demo to find out more about our EMR Integration, Inventory Management, Retail POS and Reports / Analytics solutions.