Times are tough with the current rehab therapy challenges that the economy is currently facing which is creating issues when it comes to the way that you use your point of sale system and inventory control. In this article we’ll cover new and innovative ways to grow and improve your success to get the results you need to ride the wave up while trends are down.  Innovative Ways to Grow Your Rehab Therapy Business Through Tough Times

Get savvy with the way that you manage rehab therapy product inventory levels  

Are your current inventory levels moving slower than usual due to economic challenges? This could leave you stuck with retail products that can be bogging down your inventory purchasing budget, clogging up your warehouse and leading to possible products that are expiring leading to product loss and waste. When you have an innovative solution like Curative’s inventory management system you can easily view and manage inventory levels and identify which retail products are overstocked or underperforming. This helps you avoid ordering unneeded product inventory and maximize the stock that you currently have on hand. Once you review and audit your inventory levels in each location, you’ll have the ability to simply sync inventory data between multiple locations letting you transfer and balance retail products throughout your business. By having this ability, it allows you to combat and utilize the products that you have on hand which lets you sell what you have currently have without the stress of high inventory levels in each location 

Increase retail sale conversions with the right recommendations and stock levels on hand  

Getting customers to make purchase can be challenging enough, but when you have trouble recommending the right product it can lead to frustration and loss opportunities hurting your retail sales. With a solution like Curative, you can offer several different ways to recommend products to customers and keep your stock levels updated at all times. With an under the body diagram option, you’ll have access to an image of a particular human body part that is displayed and links to retail product recommendations that you can offer confidently with access to real time inventory levels. From there you can then add it to the customer’s cart. This will allow the customer to view their shopping cart and checkout fast with an online payment. Curative’s Retail POS and Inventory Management integrates perfectly together which, in result, increases your retail sale conversions that you may have been missing out on with a clunky process that may miscommunicate recommendations and inventory levels. Having a streamlined process sets you up for success and removes the need for a customer to purchase rehab therapy products from other resources.  

Learn more about these innovative ways to grow your rehab therapy business and more with Curative’s revolutionary rehab management software built around your EMR / EHR. See how Curative can help and visit our website or request a demo to find out more about our EMR Integration, Inventory Management, Retail POS and Reports / Analytics solutions.