Inventory Management

View and manage physical therapy product inventory with ease

When it comes to physical therapy product inventory, everything must be tracked to manage your clinic smoothly. Curative organizes and displays a list of all available products for all locations sorted by current inventory levels.
Manage inventory easily across multiple clinic locations by moving excess inventory from one location to another where the utilization of the product may be higher.

The power of Curative makes it simple to track inventory status details such as available quantity, reorder level points, and replenishment quantities all visually represented with a multi-color bar line giving you vital insight into your inventory.

Accessing information quickly makes a business more efficient. You can filter your physical therapy products by inventory status, location, and suppliers. The solution enables you to adjust your inventory if there is a discrepancy in quantities for a product.

Update your inventory to fulfill purchase orders over multiple locations. The receiving dashboard enables you to view all orders received and other relevant details about the receiving transactions and associated products.
Custom barcode labels can be added to products making it possible for your clinic to sell products individually if bought in bulk or in bundles.

With Curative, you can add and manage multiple suppliers for all your physical therapy products with ease. Curative simplifies the process of applying manual markups using our global price markup feature, allowing the user to set percentage markups for each supplier’s products, maximizing profits. When inventory becomes low, purchase orders can be quickly sent to your supplier directly within the system thus boosting efficiency. Dropship products and avoid carrying inventory at your location.

Location Management

Synchronize data across multiple locations giving you fast access anytime anywhere.
Multi Location Control

Regardless of the number of locations you may have, Curative is designed to easily add and manage single or multiple locations. Organize locations by creating location groups and specifying user-defined tags.

Synchronize Data

View and manage sales information, inventory, and customers for any location from any location. Easily track each location's performance all shown in our sleek dashboard.

Location-Based Tax Engine

Business locations can have different tax rules and updating taxes can be a challenge. With Curative's integrated tax engine, state, and county tax rate are automatically calculated based on the location zip code.

Product and Bundling

Create. Save. Share.

Users have the ability to create product bundles for their patients and share it with other clinics and partners. Save bundles for customers for quickly completing transactions during subsequent visits.

Track Products Effortlessly

Large quantities of different product types can be troublesome to track. For multiple locations, Curative enables you to manage physical therapy product inventory at each location.

With user-defined reorder levels and replenishment quantities, you will never run out of stock or order an incorrect amount. Trigger points will notify you and automatically add products to a purchase order with the defined replenishment quantity level.

Control Your Products

Products can be switched to inactive or active instantly for any location with the click of a single button.

Curative also increases business efficiency by allowing you to store UPC barcode information for each product resulting in quick checkouts and smooth returns leaving patients satisfied.

Create Custom Bundles

Knowing what you or your patients want makes it easy for you to pick out what products to bundle together. Creating a bundle of similar products will enable your patients receive multiple appropriate products in one transaction, leaving them satisfied with a speedy checkout.

Color code bundles to help you stay organized. The drag and drop functionality easily enables any user to add products to bundles. Once a bundle is created, it can be shared to any location you choose.

Custom Tags

Create, categorize, and organize your physical therapy products with custom user-defined types, tags, and body parts. With the body diagram feature, you can select products that are categorized by body part during checkout creating a more interactive experience for your patients.

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