Have you made a recent audit when it comes to your rehab therapy retail POS process? You could be missing out on opportunities to cut manual processes and costly expenses that might be bogging down your practice. In this article, we will discuss some ways that you can button up and provide better solutions to elevate your Retail POS process.  Rehab therapy guide to cutting out manual and costly retail POS processes

Avoid repetitive administration processes with the right EMR integration  

Are you entering administrative info and details more than once? With the right EMR integration in place, you can easily enter patient information and rehab therapy products one time allowing you to go from therapy session to product recommendation to checkout. With Curative’s ability to easily integrate with your electronic medical record system, you’ll have the ability to avoid multiple administrative tasks that take up your time and bog down your day with manual data entry. The last thing that you need is to have you or your staff consumed with unneeded tasks that can lead to mistakes and unproductivity.  

Cut out costs with a Rehab Therapy Retail POS process that is fully digital  

Gone are the days of printing and shipping costs cutting into your profit margins. With the ability to manage your retail POS process digitally, it allows you to not have to print or mail invoices to patients when they purchase your products. Once your patient is ready to make a purchase you’ll have the ability to generate an online digital invoice with access to pay online avoiding the need to print purchase orders.  

Put an end to product recommendation research with an algorithm built around your products and patients  

When it comes to recommending the right rehab therapy product around your patients’ needs it can take up time that leads to an unneeded process that needs to be eliminated. With Curative you’ll have the ability to take advantage of an algorithm that is designed to find the best possible matches to go with a patient’s treatment. This allows you to avoid the time needed to research and select possible product recommendations every time you’re looking to sell one of your products. With Curative’s technology, you’ll be able to access recommendations automatically with an algorithm that links a patient’s treatment with suggestions of products that help continue care after their therapy session.  

It’s time that you cut out manual and costly retail processes with the right revolutionary rehab management software built around your EMR / EHR. See how Curative can help and visit our website or request a demo to find out more about our EMR Integration, Inventory Management, Retail POS and Reports / Analytics solutions.