Having multiple rehab therapy locations means multiple inventory level and balance challenges. No location is the same when it comes to inventory trends and purchasing. Some locations may need higher inventory levels from a particular product while other locations may struggle with inventory movement for the same product. The challenge is how can you tell and make sure that you have a balanced inventory of rehabilitation products throughout your practice. You could be refilling inventory in location A while location B is overstocked with inventory of the same product and possibly expiring soon. Having the right rehab therapy software solutions will give you the opportunity to view these types of challenges and make better decisions on your inventory which is important to reduce inventory costs and become more profitable rehab inventory balance

Balance Inventory Levels with Better Inventory Management Decisions  

Accessing a view of inventory levels for each of your therapy practices in one view at one time allows you to see if your inventory levels are balanced. By having this ability with the right √in place, it can allow you to make a decision to transfer overstock of a product to another location that is in need of an inventory refill. This saves you money by not having to make a purchase on unneeded inventory. By understanding and comparing inventory data by location you are now able to make a product transfer to a location that needs the stock. Making a decision like this allows you to address two challenges at once. In location A you will be able to restock inventory without having to place an order which can free up your product expenses. While location B can free up their inventory level for the same product that doesn’t sell as well in that location allowing for the product to be moved without being stuck with it or having to lose it due to expiration dates.  

Maximize Fast Selling Products with the Right Inventory Management 

When inventory and products move fast it may sound like a good thing, but are you maximizing the ability to replenish these demands right? You may be leaving money on the table. Youpractice could be losing money when it comes to products selling too fast in result of low inventory levels, long shipping wait times and order cancelations. When your inventory does not meet your demands, it can hurt your profitability. Make sure that when a product is ordered and recommended that it is in stock and ready to ship to meet a customer’s needs. When you have the right inventory management solution in place that integrates with your retail POS it provides you the ability to keep your inventory balanced and streamlined. By seeing trends and understanding how much inventory is being purchased in a particular timeframeyou are setting your business up for success with a better decision on quantity and timeframe that a particular product needs to be replenished.  

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