Having the right retail point of sale software can only go so far when it comes to maximizing the way that you run your business without the right EMR integration. When your POS system does not integrate well with your EMR it can lead to miscommunications and costly mistakes that can hurt your growth and patient experience. In this article, we will dive into some important factors to consider when choosing the right retail point of sale software to go with your EMR.  The Importance of EMR Integration With Your Retail Point of Sale Software

Integrating Patient Data and Information with Your Medical Recommendations 

We all know that your EMR has all the right patient and medical data that you need to make the right medical product recommendations to patients that can elevate their care after a physical therapy session, but how can you recommend products correctly if there is a disconnect between your EMR and POS system? Having the right integration will allow your business to gain insight on the bestselling medical products to recommend. With Curative’s EMR integration solutions you can easily integrate patient records and information that provides integration with an algorithm that is designed to match the right medical products from the data that is being used in your EMR. This allows you to not only make recommendations, but lets you make the recommendation that you offer and can profit from.   

The right integration lets you prescribe with ease while allowing patients to purchase those recommended products at your front-end checkout with the ability to take home their needed product after their physical therapy session on the same day. Your staff and therapists will have the ability to view recommended products based on the patient and therapy session information. 

Access Everything You Need in One View  

You have a lot of data and patient records to manage when it comes to the way that you use your EMR, however that data is only beneficial if it can be viewed and utilized right. With Curative’s EMR integration, physical therapists can simply view everything on one page allowing them to make the right medical product recommendations needed to give their patients the right product solution to elevate their care.   

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