Your patients rely on you when it comes to providing the right therapy with each appointment they have at your clinic. The same should go for your practice when it comes to relying on the products they need to utilize at home that goes beyond your therapy treatments. Having the ability to turn your product recommendations into profits is a great way to maximize your efforts and increase revenue per client. Focusing on maximizing your profitability with current clients is highly important and can elevate patient outcomes and the overall patient experience. Here are some ways that the right rehab patient software can boost your average dollar sale with each patient and provide a new way to generate revenue.  rehab patient software

Using EMR Integration to Allow Patients to Buy Your Prescribed Recommendations  

You know what prescribed products your patients need, but are you providing them the right resources to purchase these recommendations? With Curative’s EMR Integration you can easily be the source to purchase your prescribed products. Simply manage medical records and take advantage of a savvy algorithm that provides recommendations to go along with each patient’s treatment and rehab needs.  

With a cloud-based point of sale and retail management system that is fully integrated with your EMR and specifically geared towards rehab, your therapist will be able to prescribe a product and send the order to the front desk. From there your therapy patient can purchase the prescribed product at the front desk and access your selection at your clinic or have it shipped based on your preference 

Maximizing Your Average Daily Sale with Rehabilitation Product Recommendations  

Getting new patients can be hard and costly when it comes to your marketing budget and efforts. Maximizing the sales with current customers is a great way to add to your sales growth and create a new source of revenue that you never had before. Gone are the days of just providing treatments and here are the days to provide a full resource with the ability to be a one stop shop for prescribed products to go along with your therapy treatments 

Let’s say you sold to 40 customers—one transaction per customer—and your total sales were $6,000 for the month.  

$6,000 divided by 40 customer transactions = $150 average transaction price.  

That would be an additional $6,000 dollars of revenue each month that you never had before and would add up to $72,000 for the year per location. Since these recommendations are a necessity rather than a luxury, your chances of converting a sale are highly increased because they need the product and the ability to access it as soon as possible to keep up and remain consistent in between treatments. This allows you to get existing customers to spend more which will increase your average transaction per patient. Since they already trust using your therapists and treatments, they are less likely to be resistant to your recommendations and access to purchase products from you instead of elsewhere. This allows your rehab therapy practice to often boost your sales numbers without adding much of an overhead expense. 

Visit our website or request a demo to learn more on how Curative can provide a revolutionary solution with our industry-leading point of sale system and inventory control software for your rehab therapy practice. Discover how you can simply integrate your EMR/EHR system for easy inventory control and tracking with our solutions that include EMR integration, inventory management, retail POS and reports / analytics.