Are you experiencing a dip in physical therapy retail sales when it comes to the products that you offer? It could be because of the way that you manage your inventory, retail POS and current EMR. Luckily it can be fixed, and you can return back to the retail sales that you need with the ability to button up the way that you offer physical therapy products to patients. In this article, we’ll dive into some missed opportunities that could be resulting into retail sale declines with ways that can turn them into strengths leading to higher sales.  Where did my physical therapy retail sales go

Button up inventory levels with better inventory management  

You can’t sell or recommend a therapy product if you don’t have it available. This could be one reason why your retail sales may be declining. With missed sales opportunities from unavailable products due to wrong or no inventory levels it could lead to missed opportunities which can add up and affect overall retail sales. With the right EMR software integration that communicates with your inventory levels, your clinic can easily manage who took what, what’s on the shelf, at any location, from anywhere. This lets you know when to reorder inventory in each location allowing you to supply, recommend and sell with ease with the ability to gain a retail sale instantly without disruption or missed opportunities while a patient is in immediate need. Remember a lot of these therapy products that you offer are time sensitive and patients need these products now, and by not being able to take on the demand at the time of recommendation it can lead to a loss in sales since they will need to go elsewhere to service their physical therapy product needs. See how Curative can easily integrate with your EMR, Inventory Management and Retail POS allowing you to get your physical therapy product sales back on track here.  

You need the ability to recommend the right products 

Are you able to recommend the right products with patients at the time of their visit? Just as a patient looks up to your therapy expertise during their therapy session, they will do the same when it comes to the value of your opinion to recommend the right products to use at home to continue their therapy along the way. Curative has the ability to integrate with your patients’ electronic medical records to Curative which allows clinics to gain an insight on the best-selling products to recommend. With the ability to take advantage of an algorithm designed to find the best possible matches you have the added value and expertise to make an educated recommendation that will be valued by the patient making the sales conversion high and easy to complete on-site during treatment. This allows the sales opportunities to not walk out the door and gives you the ability to maximize opportunities with each patient turning retail losses into profitable sales that can increase your revenue.  

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