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Made for Rehab Management

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EMR Integration

Make it easy and fast for clinicians to recommend products to their patients and handle the retail transaction all within the EMR.

Retail POS

Used as a standalone system without an EMR too. Simply log into Curative on your computer or mobile device, and you’ll have a point of sale functionality when and where you need it.

Manage Inventory

Manage your retails sales and your clinic supplies through one easy system. Always know who took what, what’s on the shelf, at any location, from anywhere.

Reports & Analytics

Aggregate your data to see who’s recommending products, who isn’t, what your retail breakdown is by appointment type, and see the entire trail from therapist, front desk and patient.

Manage with the Curative App

Take Curative on the go to view and manage clients from home using the same features and accessibility, with more. With the Curative App, you can scan barcodes, identify brands, and create custom barcode labels all on your mobile device.

Designed to be simple and efficient. The Curative App is simple to navigate and use. Therapists can update, adjust, and organize inventory without hassle. Download Curative now on iOS and Android.

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Curative POS is excited to announce a partnership with Healthy You, a distributor of Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, and Massage Therapy supplies.

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